Our 3D printing service is used to support a wide range of industrial projects and requirements nationwide. We were founded three years ago and we’ve worked hard to take and adapt manufacturing processes to provide quality industrial support. 

Systems 3D focuses on industrial applications but in addition, we also work with many students. We’ve assisted them with their thesis projects by 3D printing concept models for their projects.  We cover all sorts of aspects of the process – including functional mechanical concept designs, building concepts, product design, and 3D design services.  

Our 3D scanning services can also assist students in producing their concept models. We’ll scan original objects so that they can use the scan data in their digital design processes. No matter if it is a CAD process or a Digital 3D Design project, we’ll ensure that it will function in virtual reality.

Helping to create a 3D printed robot

Our 3D printing service has helped to create a 3D printed robot. One of our most proudest achievements to date, we assisted Kevon Kelly, a Coventry University student to build a complete InMoov Humanoid Robot. 

Kevon Kelly, a MechEng student, approached Systems 3D and asked if we would help him in completing his thesis project. This was to be the complete build of a humanoid robot.  Kevon had done plenty of research on humanoid robots. In fact, he is probably one of the most knowledgeable people in the UK when it comes to humanoids and robots in general. But, through his research he decided he would build an open-source humanoid called InMoov which is titled as an “Open Source 3D Printed Life-Size Robot”. http://inmoov.fr/

How did our 3D printing service help?

Using our professional 3D printing service, we took on board the job of producing multiple different parts and pieces that would help create the robot. The model consists of 24 base components. Many of which needed multiple units to be produced in order to fully assemble the humanoid robot.  In total, well over 200 components were printed. In addition to the 3D printed components, the InMoov required many servos and sensors to make the unit correctly function.

Working with Kevon, we set out a strategy on what components to 3D print first, so that he could work in an orderly fashion to assemble the robot.  We started with the components that made up the head assembly. While Systems 3D Group was printing the other components, Kevon was able to get to work on assembling the head.

In addition to the logical order of component production, Systems 3D also needed to work with Kevon to ascertain the print orientation of each 3D printed component. The orientation of printing is important in order to achieve maximum strength of each component.  Being that 3D Printing is a Layered Manufacturing Process (Additive Layer Manufacturing or ALM) consideration needs to be given. This was to ensure that the layers are in the opposite direction of the applied forces the component will receive. 

As well as the print orientation of the components, component print groups also needed to be considered. Similar components, from size and features, need to be grouped to reduce print time and material usage which reflects into cost saving.

3D printing parts

Many of the components within the joints such as the hands, elbows, and jaws were quite small and needed to be very accurate with exceptional finish so that the joints would function properly and efficiently.  This gear, which is size of a pound coin is a good example.

As can be seen in the pictures, as the components are printed,  the build material needs to be supported. The support material is the white material in the pictures.  When the print groups are completed, this material is removed partially by hand. The remainder is removed with a hot water bath.

After the support material is removed, the components are ready for assembly.

Once complete, Kevon went on to successfully his degree. He has since started his own business relating to robots of all kinds for industrial and domestic use. To find out more, click here

The benefits of 3D printing at Systems 3D

Our 3D printing service is a flexible and responsive manufacturing process that can be completed in a wide variety of materials including metal. The components produced with 3D Printing, no matter what material, have industrial integrity and can are usable industrial applications.   

Systems 3D can accurately and efficiently print large complicated systems of components that will be assembled into a complex working mechanism. We can also accommodate bulk 3D printing requirements. 

Systems 3D can assist your business with scanning and designing 3D digital models for any purpose. We can also use the models to reproduce them with a variety of technologies such as 3D printing, CNC machining, and 3D wood and plastic routing.  Systems 3D Group can provide a complete front to back process making it very easy to determine goals for the customer. Whether you’re an artist, a student, or someone needing an industrial application, we can certainly help. 

3D services near me

To find out more about our 3D printing service, then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call +44 (0)1926 800 777 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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