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SLA printing from Systems 3D is perfect for form and fit processes in product devleopment.

3D Printing

3D Printers use high grade and high-performance thermoplastics, photopolymers, and metals that are historically used in engineering and manufacturing processes. With our printers we can produce complex high-requirement parts in a fast and efficient manner. We do so whilst providing flexibility, responsiveness, and control that cannot be obtained with historical manufacturing processes. All produced parts have a smooth surface finish.
Systems 3D Offers a Variety of 3D Printing Technologies.

Stereolithography (SLA)

3D Printing SLA is an additive process that employs photopolymers, which are activated by a CNC controlled light source. The light source is used in tandem with a build plate that gradually sinks into a tub of photopolymers, in coordination with the light source. This process is highly accurate and produces items with an excellent surface finish. However, produces components that primarily limited to prototyping applications.

Material:  Accura 60

• Great for investment casting patterns
• Headlamps
• Bottles
• Transparent assemblies
• Prototyping
• Making a master model for vacuum casting
• Very good for making “Quick Cast” models for investment casting

Systems 3D 3D Printing Services explained in our concise flyer.