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3D High Resolution scanning to produce solid models for 3D Printing or other production methods.

3D Scanning

Our Comet L3D 8MP is manufactured by in Germany by Zeiss Industrial Metrology. It is a professional 3D scanner equipped with a high-performance 3D sensor. It uses innovative structured blue LED lighting 3D scanning technology.

The sensor produces highly accurate 3D data clusters. Therefore, it is the ideal solution for producing fast and super high-quality results without compromising quality of data.

3D Scanning services can be used to take a model or component, no matter what the size or shape model, and then convert it to a 3D model. The 3D model can, in turn, be 3D printed in a wide variety of materials. The results are highly accurate and detailed.

Images below displaying 3D Scanning Process

Our 3D laser scanning services are used to replicate a model where no 3D digital exists for the model or component. Without 3D data it is impossible to produce or replicate the item no matter what manufacturing method is chosen.

There are situations where an object can go directly from the scanning process to manufacturing processes, but more often the scan data needs to be digitally post-processed to produce a model than can be used in manufacturing. This is because the scanner cannot capture deep holes, crevasses, or internal structures. It can only capture the external surface of the model because the system uses a projection and camera technology. The time it takes to complete this post-processing varies based on the complexity of the model.

Our 3D Scanner can perform a wide variety of processes:

Reverse Engineering

The scanner is used for legacy components or models where no digital data exits. A digital 3D file is always needed to produce a component no matter the manufacturing method.

Control / Inspection

We can take can component and 3D scan it and compare it to a 3D CAD drawing or to another component. 3D heat maps and reports can be produced to display comparable accuracy of components or a component to digital data.

Mould Making

Scan data is used to produce a negative within a mould block.

Tool Making

Scan data provides digital geometry which is used to create tooling, jigs, fixtures.


Rapid Manufacturing

Quickly and accurately take components from a physical to digital format allowing for reproduction of components.

Historically Precious Artefact and Archaeological Preservation

Artefacts can be safely scanned into a digital format which can be used for:

  • Display in expositions.
  • Display in online presentations
  • Archiving the geometry of the artefact.
  • Rendering of the model for like-life presentations in a digital format.